Replacing science-based cancer treatments with “alternative treatments” increases your risk of dying from cancer (new study)

The Logic of Science

Cancer is a truly terrible disease, and although our ability to treat and even cure many types of cancer has greatly improved, our current methods for dealing with it are admittedly imperfect and often have serious side-effects. It is, therefore, hardly surprising that many people who are diagnosed with cancer would forgo science-based treatments for “alternative” or “complimentary” treatments (aka CAM). After all, who wouldn’t be tempted by the promise of a miracle cure? The problem is that these “natural” treatments are unproven and unregulated, and choosing them over science-based medicine actually increases your risk of dying from cancer. This was demonstrated by a paper published earlier this year (Johnson et al. 2018a) that compared people who took only alternative cancer treatments to those who took conventional treatments. It found that those who relied on alternative treatments had a significantly lower survivorship. A second study (by some of…

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