“Our Friend, David”: Newly Released Tape Shows Trump And Cohen Discussing Purchase of McDougal Story


200px-Cnn.svg160px-Official_Portrait_of_President_Donald_Trump_(cropped)CNN landed a major news coup with the airing of one of the conversations that Michael Cohen secretly taped with President Donald Trump.  The tape is not the best in terms of the audio quality but it contains some troubling portions.  Notably, this was clearly not a telephone conversation but sounds like an actual meeting where Cohen is sitting and meeting with Trump. I just posted a column on the implications of this secret recording by an attorney.  While Rudy Giuliani insists that the tape is clearly exculpatory, the tape could prove more damaging than beneficial to a defense.  Clearly, both sides can read negative or positive elements into this tape.  While some have insisted that Trump sounds like a mobster, there is not a clear crime being discussed on this tape. There are reportedly more tapes, but this tape has good and bad elements for the Trump…

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