Journalistic bias and distortion about latest incidents in Israel

Why Evolution Is True

You might have heard that about 200 (or more) rockets were fired at Israeli civilian targets by Hamas last week, and that Israel responded by the Israeli Defense Forces targeting over 100 Hamas terrorist and military sites. No Israeli civilians were killed, though at least 7 were injured and more treated for shock as 30 rockets not intercepted by Israel’s “Iron Dome” landed in fields but also destroyed Israeli houses, cars, factories, and a playground (Israel has an efficient early warning system). According to reports, three Palestinians were killed: a woman, her one-year-old chid, and a Hamas militant.

Not in dispute is that Hamas has continually been firing rockets from Gaza at Israeli citizens for months, but not on the scale that happened this week, which was a significant escalation of the violence. Also, since April Hamas has been sending incendiary devices via balloons and even birds into Israel, aimed…

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