Transgender issues are unrelated to gay rights. Gay rights is about being left alone. Transgender women want access to common spaces and opportunities reserved for women.


Suzan Revah Suzan Revah

Lesbians, feminists, and lesbian culture, heck women of all stripes have been under assault by anti-woman transgender activists for years in profound and violent ways. You can read a re-cap of some of that history HERE.

Gay culture, that is, gay MALE culture has basically supported trans politics, because trans politics are essentially male-centric and anti-female. Champions of women’s liberation gay men, like most men, are not. In fact, gay culture including gay lawmakers and political organizations often carry water for the anti-woman agenda of the trans movement. We see gay gentlemen like Tom Ammiano introduce transgender legislation designed to obliterate women’s rights with nary a consideration for how such initiatives impact the lives of women and girls, such lives being unworthy of consideration by gay men. We see appalling displays like gay activist/blogger Joe Jervis celebrating the “epic rant” of gay male assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell, who…

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