Dumb & Dumber: Why Trying to Rely On Intermittent Wind & Solar Power Is Utterly Stupid


A nine-year-old knows the sun sets and the wind stops blowing, but a cohort remain convinced that that an all RE future is upon us.

Which begs the question: which is dumber? Wind and solar power? Or those that believe they constitute meaningful power generation sources?

Norman Rogers provides a helpful analysis below for those struggling with that tricky conundrum. Rogers also has a book on the subject: Dumb Energy: A Critique of Wind and Solar Energy. And he runs a couple of websites, as well: DumbEnergy.com and ClimateViews.com.

Wind and Solar Energy: Good for Nothing
American Thinker
Norman Rogers
11 August 2018

The defenders of wind and solar claim that subsidies are a minor help to get a new industry going.  These defenders counter critics with the fallacious claim that fossil fuels receive huge subsidies. Actually, the fossil fuel industry pays huge taxes.

Focusing on explicit subsidies…

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1 thought on “Dumb & Dumber: Why Trying to Rely On Intermittent Wind & Solar Power Is Utterly Stupid

  1. nottrampis

    This clown doesn’t know about units going down in coal plants. It happened in Victoria, NSW and Qld last summer. Quite ironically the Tesla battery saved Victoria a blackout



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