Trying to find data on violence in women’s prisons

After feuding with a stranger about transgender rapists been housed in women’s prisons, it occurred to me to check if there is any violence in women’s prisons. The great advantage of feuding with people who are completely disagree with you, and happen to be completely wrong too, is it pushes you to test your position and check your facts better.

Posh feminists and the Brahmin Left trivialise the threat to women by saying its part pf the general problem of violence in prison so putting transgender rapists in women’s prisons is no special thing.

Hard to work out what the situation was on assaults in women’s prisons as too many of the links on the first page of Google were clips or other things that are softcore porn set in women’s prisons. Statistics do not seem to be published on the issue. I have put in an OIA.

My initial suspicions may be correct as the screen snapshot below suggests which is there is hardly any violence in women’s prisons worth worrying about. Men as usual are far more violent which is why men and women are in different prisons.


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