“A Watershed Conference”: Why the Left still Revere the 1980 Labour Conference

Anthony Broxton

“It has been a watershed of a conference of that there is no doubt and unlike any other conference it will continue to cast its influence over the PLP, over the leadership and over the future of British politics”

Tony Benn – 3rd October 1980

38 years ago, it was Labour conference voting to leave the Common Market – without a referendum – that set the moderates on the path to a split. This year it is the left who could force Corbyn’s hand on Brexit and, ironically, keep the moderates onside. 

Its twelve months since Jeremy Corbyn cheered his “result which has put the Tories on notice and Labour on the threshold of power.” At the 2017 Brighton conference, key supporters urged the mainstream media to start taking Corbyn seriously.

For Paul Mason it was “a breath of fresh air and reminds me of 1980”. But it is the events in Liverpool this…

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