Ever-extending regulation

croaking cassandra

In the rush to regulate –  that seems to characterise all our governments these days – it was announced yesterday that government plans to legislate to give the force of statute law (complete with penalties) to “do not knock” signs on someone’s front door.       What next?  Statutory penalties for, say, people who dawdle down Lambton Quay at lunchtime trying to text as they walk, or any of the many other minor social irritants?

But the initiative that particularly caught my eye was a proposal to legislate to fix the maximum cost of “high cost” credit at no more than 100 per cent of the value of the loan.  Borrow $500 and the total interest and fees you will ever pay will be capped at $500.   Apparently (judging from the high level material the minister published) regardless of how long the term of the loan is.  That…

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