Left for Dead: The Land that Labour Forgot?

Anthony Broxton

Left for Dead?: The Strange Death and Rebirth of the Labour Party
Lewis Goodall
William Collins, 352pp, £20

Over the past decade, defending New Labour’s record has become the toughest job in British politics. Labour’s great election winner is easily the most unpopular post-war Prime Minister. Despite Brexit, David Cameron receives higher favorability ratings with the electorate.

Nowhere is the shift in narrative more prominent than at the top of today’s Labour Party. From Jon Lansman’s; “Blair was in the wrong party”; to Len McCluskey’s; “he wasn’t Labour’s most successful leader”; to John McDonnell’s; “he lost us five million votes”, the message is clear: Tony Blair was not ‘Real Labour’.

Just five years ago, McDonnell told the Artist Taxi Driver that he tries to make a citizen’s arrest of Blair every time he comes back to the UK:

“Tony Blair should be arrested because we believe that he should be brought before the Hague……

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