Sex and Sports

The Electric Agora

by Daniel A. Kaufman


The politics swirling around the question of gender identity are developing so quickly and furiously, both in the US and the UK, that it is difficult to keep track, but my interest here is the current brouhaha over Rachel McKinnon’s gold medal win in the UCI Masters Track World Championship and the questions it raises about women’s sports.  (McKinnon is a trans-woman.) In particular, I’m interested in an argument that McKinnon has made, in response to those who have deemed her victory unfair.  (McKinnon also has hurled accusations of bigotry and “transphobia,” to which I will pay no attention, given that they are dialectically irrelevant.)  That argument, roughly, is as follows:

To suggest that there is something unfair about biological males, who identify as women, competing in women’s sports, because as biological males, they enjoy any number of physical advantages over their female counterparts, would…

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