A Tale of Two Electricities: Cal vs. Texas

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This post reblogs  California Vs. Texas In Electricity: Comparing The Two States 1 In 5 Americans Call Homeby Chuck Devore in Forbes.  Text in italics with my bolds.

The two most-populous states, California and Texas, are home to one in five Americans. More alike than different in many aspects—diverse population and economy, abundant natural resources—the two states differ in one important respect: policy. With some exceptions, California is progressively liberal while Texas is free market conservative.

These states’ similarities and differences invite comparisons that can be useful in illuminating policy choices among the states and at the national level as well. This essay is one in a series that examines those differences—in this case, electricity and related efficiency.

California policymakers have made aggressive moves towards renewable electricity production and energy efficiency over the past couple of decades. While doing so, they frequently tout the state’s nation-leading electric…

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