Truth on the Market

So Paul Krugman asserts:

I can well imagine that it’s hard to be a conservative in some social sciences, but in economics, the obvious bias in things like acceptance of papers at major journals is towards, not against, a doctrinaire free-market view.

I doubt it.  That is testable, I suppose; so long as one can find a workable definition of “doctrinaire free-market view.”  But that’s besides the point.   Anyway, I suspect Krugman is wrong.  This is a subject — that is, bias for or against free-market outcomes in economics — I’ve written about before at TOTM.

For example, there was this NY Times column on the free market orthodoxy in modern economics departments.  I think Alex Tabarrok had it right when he responded to that column:

It beggars belief when economists at Princeton, Harvard and Berkeley claim that they are lone voices in the wilderness boldly striking heterodox positions…

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