Jacindamania may fade – but not necessarily before the Nats rediscover their mojo

she lacks key political skills such as getting rid of political liabilities in cabinet and killing off political issues that are vote losers. Capital gains tax is one example. Another is not putting parameters on the abortion debate. Clark did not go near abortion law reform to she did not want to rocket the Christian parties over the 5% threshold. They were near back then.

Point of Order

Although  the  rest of the  country may  still be fingering the  results  of  their  Black  Friday  shopping,   no  such  luck  for the   politicians  as  they  move into the  final phase of the  parliamentary  year.

Each of  the  main parties  is  desperate  for a spark  to lift  performance  (and perhaps polling).

PM  Jacinda  Ardern  is taking a shellacking  for   her silence on  China, its  human rights  offences, its cyber-bullying and in particular the  Professor Anne-Marie  Brady  affair. And then,  for  reasons no-one can guess at, she has turned a blind eye  to the disgraceful performance   of   Immigration Minister  Iain Lees-Galloway in  handling  the  issue of  deporting  Czech  drug smuggler   Karel Sroubek.

Is  Jacindamania  fading?  Perhaps not  yet,  but  it soon  will, at this rate.

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