New York Times celebrates Muhammad and Islam twice in one edition, emphasizing only the good deeds of the Prophet, and informing us that “true Islam” doesn’t kill blasphemers

Why Evolution Is True

If you had any doubt that the New York Times is going the way of Authoritarian Leftism, which includes whitewashing the nasty bits of Islam, have a look at the two articles that appeared this week—in the same op-ed section.

The first is by Haroon Moghul (click on screenshot below), described as “a fellow in Jewish-Muslim relations at the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America and the author of ‘How to Be a Muslim: An American Story’.”

Moghul recounts a time in his youth when he was on the verge of atheism, since he couldn’t personally connect with his faith. Then he took a trip to Medina with his brother, and there he had an epiphany that brought him back to Islam:

In Medina I realized I actually believed all the stories about him. That he buried the least loved of his fellow Arabs with his own hands. That…

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