Hard truths about recycling – it’s mostly PR

The Inquiring Mind

From the RNZ website – Greg Roughan (formerly editor of Green Ideas)

Opinion – So the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) puts out a 47-page report on New Zealand’s plastic packaging system, and there’s a line that leaps out: recycling won’t fix the plastic crisis.

Geez. No kidding.

This is old news. At least, to the sort of person who reads 47-page reports on plastic. And it should be old news to the rest of us too. I really don’t mean to bag the SBN’s report here. Not even reusable bag it, because it’s excellent. But what I do want to say is, maybe if people are surprised about the whole ‘recycling doesn’t actually help much’ thing, then maybe it’s time for some hard truths?

It’s worth reading the whole piece.

Roughan makes some good points. Do not agree with his solutions, but he raises issues that need discusiing, rather than much…

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