Do The Democrats Really Want Open Borders? Or Are They Only Opposed to Anything Trump?

Border Patrol authorities are referring 50 people a day for urgent medical care for tuberculosis, flu, infections and even pregnant women about to give birth.  A staggering 28 percent are children under age 5 , dragged along by parents hoping to use the children to gain admission, or as a shield against speedy deportation from the U.S.

American Elephants

How very odd our present public conversations have become. It’s as if we are speaking different languages. Democrats seem to lack any understanding of basic free-market capitalism and are sure it’s all about the haves and the have nots, the billionaires and the homeless. They hold positive feelings about the latter, which makes them feel as if they are good people.

This extends to their feelings about the border, immigration – legal and illegal, and things like sanctuary cities and ICE who they assume are the bad guys. Their misconceptions extend to the wall. Some Democrats believe that the wall is somehow a symbol – to Trump, of his manhood, a nonsensical huge thick concrete barrier between friendly neighbors, that we certainly don’t need for any reason whatsoever. Completely incorrect.  The wall President Trump wants is tall, steel, and slatted so it is see-through.

If you remember, in 2016 President Trump issued…

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