Gender harms women: Feedback on international recommendations to the New Zealand government

writing by renee

Feedback on the recommendations from New Zealand’s third Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the Human Rights Council in Geneva

The governments of Iceland and Australia have recommended that New Zealand amend Section 21 of our Human Rights Act (HRA) 1993, by adding “gender identity” as a prohibited ground for discrimination.

The concept of “gender identity” should not be introduced into the HRA. There are several reasons for this, and this submission will focus on two:

  1. The HRA needs to be clear and evidence-based, but the concept of “gender identity” is both vague and ideological.
  2. The concept of “gender identity” is at odds with the HRA Section 21 (1)(a) and 21(1)(m), which prohibit discrimination on the grounds of sex and sexual orientation.

1. The concept of “gender identity” is vague and ideological

New Zealand’s Human Rights Commission (HRC) defines “gender identity” as “A person’s internal, deeply felt sense of being male…

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