Broken Dreams: The Rise and Fall of British Council Housing

Anthony Broxton

In 1979 42% of the British population lived in a council house. Today the figure is less than 8%. The drop has led to an inflated housing market, insecure tenancies and a sustained cultural attack on the working class. As Britain endures its worst housing crisis since the war, with 1.8m households on the waiting list, can Labour revitalise the municipal dream?

Municipal Dreams: The Rise and Fall of Council Housing is published by Verso.

be5ee594d20e4bf4fbf6520881cec8ed The 21st century perception of the council estate as depicted in The Streets – Original Pirate Material.

Britain is a divided country. Among its fraught battle lines are the obvious; Leave v Remain, North v South and the Graduates v Non-Graduates. Yet nowhere is the division more stark than in the widening political priorities of the owners and the renters. There are now two factions; those who have financial support from their parents for a deposit and those who don’t. For decades the…

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