So common among the anti-science left


2 thoughts on “So common among the anti-science left”

  1. This is a case where tu quoque is more than justified. You pick one issue on which a subset of the left takes an antiscience line and suggest this is “common”. Dominant or widely held views on the right in English speaking countriesare anti-science or ant-evidence on a whole range of issues – most obviously climate denial, but also vaccination, fluoridation, evolution, the age of the universe, gun control, energy economics and many more

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    1. Thanks John, anti-vaccination and antifluoridation sentiment is evenly spread across the political spectrum. But the left does set high standards for itself.

      Anti-vaccination sentiment is particularly strong in richer suburbs of the USA and around the headquarters of Google and of Microsoft which is a big disappointment.

      The New Zealand greens are bad in both fluoridation and vaccines. The Australian Greens leader is impeccable on this, describing vaccines is the greatest public intervention health intervention ever.

      I’m not sure how popular evolutionary psychology is among the left. The biological basis of sex-role differences is not popular on the left? Blokes are bigger, stronger and faster and when the economy was a brawn economy, that had big implications for the division of labour. Now it’s a brain economy, there are safe contraceptives and having a baby wasn’t terribly terribly dangerous like it was in the past, there have been further big changes in the big division of labour.


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