Why great rock—and its performers—are doomed

Why Evolution Is True

I’m gonna gripe about modern rock music again and contrast it with the music produced between the early Sixties and mid-Seventies, which I consider the apotheosis of rock—just as I see the apotheosis of jazz lasting from the mid-Thirties to the early Sixties, ending with Coltrane. Since their apogees, both genres have gone downhill. And because what I see as the heyday of jazz occurred well before I began listening to it and loving it, you can’t accuse me of liking only the music that I listened to at the “vulnerable” period of my teens.

This curmudgeonly attitude is apparently shared by Steven Pinker, as evinced by this tweet (h/t Kevin). And that tweet called my attention to the linked article in The Week by Damon Linker (a man with whom I’ve had some differences sin the past), calling attention to the upcoming demise of the great musicians of…

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