Eugenics and Social Biology at LSE Library: An Introduction

Decolonising LSE Collective

Guest post by Indy Bhullar and Debbie Challis

There is much more research to be made in these areas, particularly the relationship of eugenics to demography and LSE’s role in training for colonial administration. This is just an outline of some of the material in LSE’s Library Collection and Archives. A good starting point to read more is the blog post by Shikha Dilawri.

The Webbs

In 1883 Galton published Inquiries into Human Faculty, a
collection of experiments, correspondence and data on inheritance, human
ability and psychological tests. It was in this book that Galton created the
word ‘eugenics’ to describe the science and idea of breeding human ‘stock’ to
give ‘the more suitable races or strains of blood a better chance of prevailing
speedily over the less suitable’ in a footnote. ‘Eugenics’ came from the Greek
words ‘genus’, translated as race or kin, and ‘eu’, meaning good…

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