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The Economics That Made Boeing Build the 737 Max


We saw a Fokker bounce at Windy Wellington’s airport today

When waiting to turning at the exit of the Warehouse car park, we happen to see a Fokker Dash 8 land on one wheel, bounce and go around. Rather spectacular to see.

It was a windy day near the airport. As soon as I saw the Fokker bounce, years of watching air crash investigations told me that it would go around. The photo below is from the web.

I saw one show which was about the previous drill which was attempt to recover from bouncing in crosswinds and keep landing. They stopped that there is a complete disaster and fireball. The pilot was 0.7 seconds late on recovering. He thought he had landed but had not. There are now alarms in the cabin to tell pilots when both wheels are on the ground.

I wonder how early in flying that pilots discover they have to have enough power to go round even when landing and over the actual airstrip.