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#OTD 1987 Ronald Reagan: ‘Tear down this wall!’


@SeumasMilne @BernieSanders put Peter Fechter’s murder down a memory hole @jeremycorbyn @NaomiAKlein

In an otherwise sustained defence of Communist tyranny because they made the trains run on time, Seamus Milne and George Galloway do lament the restrictions on international travel and immigration from Communist dictatorships. They do mutter about perhaps something should have been done about that.

What an extraordinarily callous way to refer to the murder of East Germans at the Berlin Wall. Peter Fechter was the first to be murdered at the Berlin Wall.

Anyone who supports communism supports murder. Central to the Communist strategy of taking power is to murder their political opponents and then to maintain power through murder and torture.

Bernie Sanders too put the drowning of Cubans attempting to flee to Florida in leaky boats down the memory hole of the Left over Left.

Watch Milton Friedman visit the Berlin Wall @NaomiAKlein

Has Bruce Ackerman just said the dumbest thing ever said?



The Berlin Wall: 1989 and now

November 10, 1989: Berliners savored their historic conquest of the barrier... In 2005, the Gate was a thoroughfare.
When this picture of the Brandenburg Gate was taken in June 1989, most people... 2009: The spruced-up Brandenburg Gate today marks the heart of Berlin's...
November 9: 1989: the scenes of jubilation heralded the end of communism in... 2009: The refurbished Brandenburg Gate is one of Germany's most famous landmarks.
1990: An East German border guard looks on as Berliners and tourists collect... 2009: People crossing the same corner two decades on. The line of cobblestones...
August 13, 1961, the day the Berlin Wall was erected: A birds eye view of the... ...a replica guardhouse and hordes of tourists. This photograph was taken in 2000.

After the Berlin wall fell, the local German club in Canberra purchased a piece of the Berlin wall and mounted it o the wall over its entrance. There are markets and everything, including historical icons of liberty.

Within hours of the fall of the Berlin wall, a buddy German entrepreneur or two noticed that a lot of people will want to buy a piece of the Berlin wall, including expatriate Germans. One way these entrepreneurs would have noticed would have been local Berliners sticking pieces of the wall in the boots of their cars to take home as souvenirs.


There were 184 kilometres (114 miles) of concrete, or 45,000 individual segments, and its commercial value was recognised early.

Showing a notable nascent capitalist instinct, ministers of the provisional GDR government passed a resolution to take commercial advantage of the Berlin Wall on December 29, 1989, before official demolition even began.

An East German foreign trade company, Limex-Bau, received the job of marketing the individual segments, which it apparently did with some success. Three-hundred-sixty segments were taken for their artistic value and sold all over the world for prices as high as 40,000 marks.

There are segments in Las Vegas casinos, South Korean parks and on Caribbean islands. The city of Berlin has also kept a few dozen segments to give away as ceremonial state gifts.

HT: spiegel.de