Poland Rises in the East I BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1921 Part 2 of 2


Poland’s Territorial Changes 1635-Present – Life, Death & Rebirth – Brilliant Maps

Poland has gone from being the largest country in Europe to being wiped off the map, not once but several times. The map traces the history of Poland’s borders from 1635 to the present day.

Source: Poland’s Territorial Changes 1635-Present – Life, Death & Rebirth – Brilliant Maps

How Senator Bilyk’s Dad found paradise in Australia @Catbilyk

An old Uni mate’s dad was rounded up by the Nazis in the Polish Ukraine in 1941 and carted off as a slave in factories in Germany. He survived the war. He ended up in a refugee camp. He met and married a Dutch lass.

He did not want to go back to the Ukraine because that part of the Ukraine was now Russian under Stalin. That part of the Ukraine was Polish before the war.

Australia was the first country to accept them as refugees. He raised a family in Tasmania, working in a factory to support them.

I knew one of his two sons who became economists both at the University of Tasmania and in Canberra. One of his daughter’s was elected to the Australian Senate in the 2007 general election.

After such a rough start in life, my old mate’s dad must regard Australia as paradise for him, his wife and their family.

Warsaw Jewish Ghetto uprising, today 1943

Sinclair Davidson today not only reminded of the Warsaw Jewish ghetto uprising this day 1943, but also that the little boy in the famous photo below lived a long life. The ghetto fighters held out for more than a month. The uprising was three days before the planned liquidation of the ghetto.

The German soldier pointing the gun at him is executed for war crimes in 1969.

Source: The ‘Warsaw Ghetto Boy’.

The Putin Effect on transitional economies in the former Soviet union

Poland was in the same position as Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet empire, but it followed better policy and is now several times richer.