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No landlord with rent to tenants with less than stellar credentials from now on.

Rent control is back in the news @@nzlabour @NZGreens

Roofs or Ceilings? The Current Housing Problem

From https://fee.org/resources/roofs-or-ceilings-the-current-housing-problem/

Rent control is back in favour in @nzlabour @NZGreens

Is Auckland Action Against Poverty secretly neoliberal on housing habitability laws? @_AAAP_

#GarethMorgan wants sitting tenant laws

Morgan wants to restrict the ability to evict tenants for reasons other than damage to the property and non-payment of rent. This includes not been able to evict a tenant on sale of the property.

We intend to change the regulations around residential tenancy law so leases make it far easier for a tenant to remain in the premises long term…

This will be achieved by restricting the conditions under which a landlord can evict a tenant to those of non-payment of rent or property damage. Sale of a property is not necessarily a legitimate reason for eviction. Tenants will be able to give 90 days notice.

That policy will make winding up of estates difficult. Houses will be have to be left vacant rather than rented while affairs are put in order. That is to name one of many flaws in a policy announced by a party that prioritises being different over been useful and right.


Source: RENTING Werner Z. Hirsch at encyclopedia of law and economics.