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Benefits of Academic Blogging

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I sometimes worry that the blog format is being displaced by Facebook, Twitter, and similar platforms, but Patrick Dunleavy from the LSE Impact of Social Science Blog remains a fan of academic blogs, particularly focused group blogs like, ahem, O&M. Patrick argues that blogging (supported by academic tweeting) is “quick to do in real time”; “communicates bottom-line results and ‘take aways’ in clear language, yet with due regard to methods issues and quality of evidence”; helps “create multi-disciplinary understanding and the joining-up of previously siloed knowledge”; “creates a vastly enlarged foundation for the development of ‘bridging’ academics, with real inter-disciplinary competences”; and “can also support in a novel and stimulating way the traditional role of a university as an agent of ‘local integration’ across multiple disciplines.”

Patrick also usefully distinguishes between solo blogs, collaborative or group blogs (like O&M), and multi-author blogs (professionally edited and produced, purely academic)…

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Jim Rose:

You must read the maps showing with his tweets.

Illustration by Jonathon Rivait/National Post

This gives you hope when idiots like this can be recruited by the Jihadists. This tosser is not the first moron recruited into their ranks with their locator button on in their twitter account.

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TORONTO — The Toronto woman who Tweeted so sympathetically about ISIS probably had no idea that, when she left Canada late last year, she was being tracked by researchers following her movements using geocoding.

But every time she posted a Tweet, she was inadvertently giving away her location, allowing the researchers to map her as she travelled from the ISIS capital in Raqqah, Syria to the front lines in Kobani and Mosul.

“I did not see in their actions anything but the utmost of respect for me as a sister,” she wrote in Arabic from Kobani on Dec. 25. In another Tweet, she wrote: “God bless those who live on His path and who die on His path.”

By failing to turn off the locator on her cellphone, she not only left an incriminating electronic trail, she also highlighted a disturbing trend: Canadian women are increasingly involved in supporting the…

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Cats 101 Ragdoll

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Duty Calls

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Jim Rose:

Excellent roundup of the frequent exits of Greece from monetary unions

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Not sure why we don’t really have many papers on history of Greece economy circulating around. We are told repeatedly that Greece has a terrible economic and political history full of crises. But the empirical or historical work is rare to find.

I discovered this gem of a paper by Sophia Lazaretou of Bank of Greece. It gives history of Greek Drachma and monetary developments from the 1830s to joining Euro. She calls it adventures of Greek Drachma though on reading it you realise it is more of tragedy. And with the current experiences , even tragedy is a light term.

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What is the Fatal Conceit?

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