What if Scotland votes for independence on 18 September 2014

Draft bill for passage under urgency by the Parliament of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

(1)On and after 20th September 2014 (” the appointed day “) Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom shall have no responsibility for the government of Scotland.

(2)No Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom passed on or after the appointed day shall extend, or be deemed to extend, to Scotland.

(3)On and after the appointed day the British Nationality Acts shall have effect as if in section 1(3) of the British Nationality Act 1948 (Commonwealth countries having separate citizenship) there were added at the end the words

“and Scotland”.

(4)Except as provided by section 3 of this Act, any person who immediately before the appointed day is a citizen of the United Kingdom shall on that day cease to be such a citizen if he becomes on that day a citizen of Scotland.

(5) The Union with Scotland Act 1706  is repealed on the appointed day .

(6) On and after  the appointed day, no one may be a member of the House of Lords by virtue of a Scottish peerage.

(7) On the appointed day, members of the House of Commons representing Scottish constituencies shall vacate their seats and the Scottish constituencies in the House of Commons are abolished.

Charles de Gaulle had a simple option for nationalists in the French colonies in 1958. Hold a referendum on remaining with France and elect members of Parliament to Paris  on equal terms with metropolitan French or you can have immediate full independence.

You are one of us or you are on your own. After the Guinean constitutional referendum in 1958 voted for independence on 28 September 1958 and its declaration of independence on 2 October 1958, the French left within the week and cut off all development assistance.

Independence is independence, and the Scots should get what they voted for good and hard. The sooner, the better. Why should Scottish independence cost the British taxpayer one pound.

Nationalists are are greedy lot who expect their former metropolitan power to still pay their bills and not resent rejection.


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