Odd @SundayStarTimes story on surveillance of New Zealand mosques

The Sunday Star Times today took an unfortunate big brother angle to a one-page feature story who second half was about cooperation between New Zealand Muslims and the police and security services. Like any law-abiding people, they report potential criminal behaviour and mentally disturbed people.

Source: Marked by their religion – is the threat of homegrown terrorism real? | Stuff.co.nz.

The fact that these wannabe jihadists go blabbing about their plans at the local mosque despite knowing that their leadership and members are open about reporting suspicious behaviour to the police shows how stupid these people are.

That does not mean that these wannabe jihadists are not dangerous, but they are still stupid. Being completely useless appears to not disqualify them from joining either Al Qaeda or ISIS.

There are ratbags attracted to many large groups, be they secular or religious. Plenty of parties on the left and the right have at their wings a few wild men and one or two potentially violent people who are often off their medication. There are rat-bags everywhere.


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