Would the rhetoric be any different if it was a President Cruz

It is important to differentiate between those shortcomings of Donald Trump that will result in him being ineffective as opposed to dangerous.

In domestic affairs, he will be a rather ineffective Republican president. His administration will have little idea of what he wants, and he will be the only one able to arbitrate disputes. In foreign affairs, this thin-skinned tough guy who is proudly ignorant will be dangerous and impulsive.

A President Cruz would be much more effective and far more conservative in domestic affairs. Cruz is a social conservative, Trump is not. In foreign affairs, Cruz is likely to intervene more but be less petulant and would certainly be a master of his brief and the risks of what he is doing.

Practically all the shots being fired at Trump would be fired at Cruz and were at Romney and McCain. That is why they were so ineffective during the campaign.

The same old extreme rhetoric about every Republican candidate is the bogeyman. This time the Republican presidential nominee was an ignorant man. People had heard it all before so they did not believe it. That applied to Bernie Sanders too – I had to slip that in. The left must not cry wolf too often.

As Bill Maher was honest enough to admit, Romney and McCain were men of honour with whom he had honest disagreements. Cruz is the same but he would be a far more effective president than Trump. Remember that.

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