Lime-Light: The Economic Life of Gary Becker

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Gary Becker Nobel Laureate

“I have tried to pry economists away from narrow assumptions about self interest. Behavior is driven by a much richer set of values and preferences.”
—Gary Becker, Nobel Lecture, 1992

It’s doubtful that many Americans outside of economic academia could tell you who Gary Becker was, and it’s doubtful that many Americans would have knowledge of Gary Becker’s recent passing, but the fair amount of press honoring the man offers an opportunity to explore some of the topics connected to Gary Becker’s fundamental life work. Becker won a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1992. He presents a brilliant range of study which delves in to topics of:

  • racial and sexual discrimination,
  • investment in human capital,
  • crime and punishment,
  • marriage and divorce,
  • the family,
  • drug addiction,

and other topics which were, at the time, considered irrelevant to economic study. Now, it seems absurd to exclude the…

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