Greenpeace damages Nazca Lines in activist stunt

Heath Werrett


greenpeace-2 Greenpeace activists at the stunt

Greenpeace has now named four of the alleged Nazca Lines vandals involved in trespassing and damaging the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Wolfgang Sadik,  Martin Kaiser,  Isis Wiedeman, and Mauro Fernandez have all been named as present at the site’s tampering and are involved with Greenpeace Germany.

Mr Fernandez believed the group’s actions in Nazca ‘were wrong’.

mauro activist Mauro Fernandez

“I want to express my apologies to the Peruvian people and my deep and sincere regret for having been the voice of this mistaken activity,” he said.

As part of a deal to come forth with the above names, Greenpeace has urged Peruvian prosecutors to drop charges against two journalists present to cover the stunt, associated press photographer Rodrigo Abd and Reuters video journalist Herbet Villarraga.

d journalist Rodrigo Abd

Both sides of this dispute are acting hesitantly in the event’s proceedings as Peru’s officials are still yet…

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