New Zealand’s blasphemy law on the chopping block

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Reader Gordon called my attention to an article on the Radio New Zealand site (click screenshot to see it) that implies that New Zealand’s blasphemy law may stay in place (the ACT is a political party, and I’ll let Kiwi readers characterize it). But read on, as the headline is misleading.

The law against blasphemy is in section 123 of the Crimes Act of 1961, and says this:

Note that the law expressly applies to “any religious subject”, making it untenable, and also fails to define “blaphemous libel”. Both of these provisions make the law, like that in Ireland, unenforcible. Indeed, this law and its antecedents, which prohibited only blasphemy against the Anglican Church, have been used only once, and nobody was convicted. As Wikipedia notes:

To date the only prosecution for blasphemous libel in New Zealand has been the case of John Glover, publisher of the newspaper The Maoriland…

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