Renewables Disaster Sees Australian Power Prices Jump Another 20% – With Worse to Come


Life coaches and self-help manuals talk about dreaming the life and living the dream.

In Australia, as elsewhere, wind and solar power were touted as promising not only an end to the pesky habit of the Earth’s climate to change (a selfish obsession that our planet has been hard at for 4.5 billion years), but constantly falling power prices, that would become so cheap we would never need to open our wallets again.

However, instead of living that dream, for Australian households and businesses, life has become little short of a nightmare.

The winning combination of skyrocketing prices, load shedding and blackouts is part and parcel of attempting to run modern economies on sunshine and breezes.

One of those responsible for Australia’s power market fiasco is AGL, which built a large chunk of South Australia’s wind farms, starting back in 2009, as well as Australia’s greatest wind power disaster…

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