My car operation skills are becoming obsolete in modern cars

I first noticed this when I could not find the break in an SUV I rented through an upgrade. It was an electronic brake hidden down the side which took quite some time to find especially after a long international flight arriving after midnight.

Next were the headlights. No longer were they set in the way they were for at least 100 years.

This late model Corolla decided to let the driver decide the angle of the headlights. I did not know this for quite some time until I came across the switch by accident. Up until then my headlights in the previous times I rented this model of car were pointing downwards rather than in a safe direction outwards. I have no idea why this ability to vary the direction of your lights is a safety measure.

The next problem I had was driving around the car rental garage at Auckland airport with the lights of the car on in the middle of the day. I could not work out how to turn them off. I had to go back to the office to discover that the lights come on automatically in doll lighting. I did not know that. I just thought it was a fault that was going to run the battery flat.

These days, cars do not even have keys. I had to go back to the office and ask for the key because the key ring they gave me did not have a key. No one told me why they needed to switch from keys to buttons to turn on cars.


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