The New Republic goes down the rabbit hole: argues that Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Nomani as “worst possible ‘experts’ on Islam”

Why Evolution Is True

I used to write a lot for The New Republic (TNR), and enjoyed it. Then they changed ownership (with most of its staff resigning), reduced the frequency of the paper edition, and became, well, boring. . . just another political site (granted, a left-wing one), lacking the cultural and literary pieces that help give it its reputation. (Remember that the great literary critic Edmund Wilson was once TNR’s literary editor,  helped popularize figures like James Joyce, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and was a major figure in refining America’s literary tastes and increasing its appetite for good literature.)

That’s no more. The magazine has become almost irrelevant (when was the last time you looked at a New Republic piece?) and has acquired regressive leftist tendencies.

Some of these are on view in Sarah Jones’s untitled “Minutes” column in yesterday’s TNR. (Remember that, unlike HuffPo bloggers, this magazine actually pays people to write…

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