South Australia’s Wind Power Obsession Leads to Highest Power Prices in the World


By reason of its maniacal obsession with wind power, South Australia has become the butt of international jokes, and the object of plenty of sniggering from those occupying neighbouring states.

These days, it’s almost impossible to read an article about South Australia’s economic misfortunes in which there is no mention of routine load-shedding and mass blackouts – the result of total and totally unpredictable collapses in wind power output (see above and further below, the output for April, May, June, from every wind farm in SA with a notional capacity of 1,698MW, courtesy of Aneroid Energy).

In addition to a grid that could only be the envy of impoverished Equatorial Africans, its attempt to run on sunshine breezes has left Croweaters with the highest power prices in the world. The runner-up is another notionally wind powered contender, Denmark [note to Ed: coincidence?]

Once upon a time, under the careful…

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