Coop Forbidden to Use “The Organic Effect” Marketing Video Under Threat of Fine of One Million Krona


Quick news: Swedish media seem very silent on the topic (EDIT: it appears I was just fast – several newspieces have come since), as court rules grocery chain Coop is forbidden from continued use of its marketing video “The Organic Effect” launched 2015, or the arguments from that campaign, including lines like ‘we’re eating pesticides’ and ‘chemicals removed from my kids bodies’ or ‘organic food is grown without chemical pesticides’. If they use the arguments or the video, but continue to fail to provide evidence for such claims, they are threatened by a fine of whooping one million krona (about 100 000 Euro / almost 120 000 US dollars). In addition, they must cover the claimant’s court costs.

Swedish court rules COOP must pay 1 million krona if they use the misleading marketing video 'The Organic Effect'Or the arguments from that campaign, claiming organic food to be 'healthi

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