Senator Calls Australia’s Renewable Energy Debacle a National Emergency


Whether it’s the looming threat of mass blackouts and load shedding this coming summer, the 140% increase in the number of homes disconnected from the grid (families unable to pay power bills increasing at 20%, year-on-year) or thousands of pensioners freezing in the dark, Australia’s decade-long dalliance with sunshine and breezes just got serious.

Hitherto oblivious to their constituents’ plight, a few politicians have recently started to wake up to the scale and scope of the damage being done by massively subsidised wind and solar power. The Johnny-come-latelys, join others like Federal Liberal MP, Craig Kelly, who have been alive to the greatest rort of all time, from the very beginning.

Another with his finger on the pulse is Malcolm Roberts – a Federal Senator with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. Malcolm is an avid STT follower, gleefully re-tweeting and reposting our posts on his Facebook page and elsewhere.

What’s notable…

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