Solar Panel Economics


By Paul Homewood

h/t Dave Ward

Dave tells me E.ON have been trying to sell his mum solar panels!

Given that we are being encouraged to use solar panels (which we have not got), to charge batteries (which we have not got), in order to charge our electric cars (which we also have not got), I thought I would take a look at their costings.

Shills for renewable energy, such as the ECIU’s Jonathan Marshall, like to make them sound all cuddly, by describing them as a democratisation of energy supply.

Looking at the numbers though, they are a very expensive way of getting some of your electricity for some of the time.

These are the costs from E.ON.

I used their solar calculator, and entered details for our house, which is a pretty average size, including my current consumption of 5600 KWh a year. The calculator came…

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