Australia’s Renewable Energy Debacle: Policy Insanity Overtakes ‘Green’ Hypocrisy


Australian politics is often a feast of the bizarre. And one of the more bizarre dishes on the menu was watching Al Gore (the original global warming alarmist profiteer) stand side-by-side with big Clive Palmer (the original overstuffed windbag, cum-political buffoon) back in June 2014.

Back then, big Clive was at the top of his game and managed to take Al Gore and the media pack that fawned over him for first class fools.

Always on the lookout for a self-aggrandising photo opportunity, Palmer pretended that he was in lockstep with Gore and in full support of Gore’s determined effort to destroy Australia’s economy by, among other things, taxing the CO2 gas generated by human activity, under an ‘Emissions Trading Scheme’. Perhaps Al Gore hadn’t done his homework, but big Clive (at least back then) had designs on becoming Australia’s biggest coal exporter. Cue the irony.

After a round of…

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