Glenn Campbell died

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Glenn Campbell, 81, just died after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease (is “battle” the right word for something like this?). But even though the outcome was inevitable, he accepted it bravely. As CNN reports:

During the “Ghost” tour, there were times he would forget lyrics or find himself suddenly unfamiliar with a chord change. The audience urged him on, singing the song and guiding him back into the groove.

He told CNN he had no regrets.

“I am content with it. Don’t cry over spilt milk,” he said. “Get up and be a man and do what you have got to do.”

I wrote a post on Campbell the day after last Christmas, mentioning that his musical skills, especially on the guitar, were underappreciated. Let’s appreciate him now with the three songs I posted then.

This is the clip that made me realize how good he really was:

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3 thoughts on “Glenn Campbell died

  1. Lindsay Mitchell

    I loved his collaboration with Jimmy Webb. “The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress” (also recorded by Joe Cocker) is the title track on a wonderful album of Webb songs, I think called “Reunion”. I’ll get out my vinyl copy shortly and re-appreciate.

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