Columbus Statues Protested In Detroit And Damaged In Baltimore


220px-Christopher_ColumbusProtesters are mounting a widening movement against statues to historical figures across the country. What began with protests of confederate statues after the Charlottesville protests has expanded to include Supreme Court justices, presidents, founders, and now explorer Christopher Columbus.  In Detroit, protesters gathered around the Columbus statue to demand removal as a symbol of “white supremacy.”  In Baltimore, the Columbus statue was vandalized.

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One thought on “Columbus Statues Protested In Detroit And Damaged In Baltimore

  1. nottrampis

    Only the Yanks could have a statue of a man who never made it to the country!

    Getting rid of confederate statues makes a lot of sense. They were mainly put up in the early 20th Century by people who were essentially terrorists. It was a way of subjugating the negroes in the deep South. It had nothing to do with History.



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