Wind Industry Uses Fake Numbers to Cover Up Mass Bird & Bat Slaughter

Where is Greenpeace when you need them?


The wind industry will never be accused of transparency or honesty.

Every new wind power project is going to power 100,000 homes and suck millions of tons of CO2 gas from the atmosphere [note to Ed, please check what plants will do with less CO2?] and create hundreds of new jobs.

Notwithstanding that the occupants of the apocryphal 100,000 ‘wind powered’ homes would be left sitting freezing or boiling in the dark 70% of the time, if actually left to rely on the wind farm in question. Or that the wind industry never counts the extra CO2 pumped out of power stations forced to ramp their plant up and down like a yo-yo to accommodate the chaotic occasional delivery of wind power into the grid. And, in this country, at least, permanent wind industry jobs number a few hundred, rather than the tens of thousands promised.

In short, wind industry…

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