Will @jacindaardern @nzlabour never lie about poverty and inequality trends?

Labour cannot claim that incomes are falling if since the end of the recession in the early 1990s, there has been rapid income growth including for Maori and Pacifika, at least 50%.

Source: Bryan Perry, Household incomes in New Zealand: Trends in indicators of inequality and hardship 1982 to 2016. Ministry of Social Development (2017).

Income equality has been stable for several decades and consumption inequality is declining. Another area where Labour is unable to lie from now on.

Child poverty has been fairly stable for 20 years so to say it is getting worse and worse is a lie.

Real wages started growing again after the passage of the Employment Contract Act in 1993 as documented by impeccable left sources. Another area where Labour must not lie.

Of course, the increase in real wages and real household incomes is larger than in the measured statistics because of their well-known bias measuring new goods and better quality goods.

Goes about saying that the OECD estimates New Zealand to have the smallest gender wage gap of any of its members.


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