Checking The Fact Checkers: The Washington Post Concludes Comey Likely Violated FBI Rules But Still Criticizes Sanders For Raising “Possible” Illegality


220px-Washington_Post_buildingBelow is a column that I wrote for the Hill Newspaper in response to a “fact checker” column by the Washington Post.  I have written for the Washington Post and have great respect for the publication.  Indeed, I have objected to the attacks by President Donald Trump on the Post and the New York Times which remain two of our premiere journalistic organizations. However, I was frankly floored by the column by David Kessler in criticizing White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  I have discussed previously how there has been a palpable bias in reporting on the Trump Administration.  It is often that case that some journalists are not simply satisfied with disagreeing with the Administration. They sometimes take judgment calls or opinions and declare the Trump side to be simply factually incorrect.  This relieves the need for readers to address the opposing view of controversies like the alleged…

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