Labour’s 10% Amendment Will Benefit the Party’s Outsiders…Whoever They Are

Chief Whip

Allies of Jeremy Corbyn secured a victory this week when Labour’s national executive committee approved a key change to the party’s leadership elections process. The current rule is that a candidate needs to receive support from at least 15% of Labour MPs and MEPs to be eligible to stand. But this change, which looks likely to be approved at the party’s conference next week, would lower this percentage to 10%. While this seems like a minor change, it was criticised by many as a power grab by allies of  Jeremy Corbyn, who only just managed to get this 15% in the 2015 leadership election. The amendment is being dubbed the McDonnell Amendment after shadow chancellor John McDonnell, who failed to reach the 15% threshold in 2007 and 2010. But will this slight rule change actually make a difference? And in the long run, who is it going to benefit?


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