The German election: a crack in the power of Europe’s elites

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Summary: Germany’s Bundestag elections might force a change in Germany’s so-far rock solid political system. Its elites are determined to radically re-shape its society. This shift in the balance of power might — perhaps — signal the rise of German opposition to this project. As always, the reaction to such events tells us more than the event itself. As usual on the FM website, we let you see what the key players say — more revealing than most analysis.  Place your bets for the winner in the next round.

Germany’s election campaign is a snooze—just the way Merkel likes it.
— Jill Petzinger at Quartz, 24 August.

Germany Decides: Bundestag election results - seats per Party

Germany’s two largest parties agree that Germany should stand against many of the policies pursued by President Trump, especially on trade and immigration. Representing the center-right and center-left, their coalition ran Germany from 2005-2009 and from 2013 until now. Today voters repudiated both major parties. It was…

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