Twelve Lies Organic Lobbyists Commonly Spread about Pesticides

The Risk-Monger

How many times have we heard that healthy living means switching to organic food? Not a day seems to go by when the media isn’t humming with some scandal, risk or public health crisis involving our potential exposure to synthetic chemicals. Autism, leaky gut, obesity, celiac, cancer … all of this is due, apparently, to us finding 7 parts per billion of glyphosate residue in our bread. We are assured that these problems will all magically disappear once we join the “Buy Organic” bandwagon.

But is the organic food industry lobby, a diverse body of interest groups, food companies, foundations and gurus, lying?

Lies, damn lies and marketing!

In a recent blog, I tried to show how the “organic” label is merely used for marketing purposes and has no added value other than to make vulnerable, wealthy people feel better about their consumption. For this blog, I will ignore…

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