Further attempts to rehabilitate “Allahu akbar”

Why Evolution Is True

The phrase above, as we all know, means “God is the greatest” or “God is greater”, and is used by Muslims to express gratitude when something good has happened. For a few terrorists, that “good” involves mowing down people by trucks, beheadings, tossing gays off buildings, or other massacres of infidels. Thus, when a mass murderer shouts it, it’s a clue that the murder was inspired by Islam. I think we all know that most of the time the phrase is used just as Americans say, “Thank god”: not in a pernicious way. But the phrase is also the touchstone for a killer’s motivations.

Nevertheless, the fact that the truck terrorist in Manhattan shouted that phrase as he exited his car, having killed eight people, has got Muslims upset, for they want to reassure us that the phrase is really a perversion of Islam. These people want their “Allahu akbar…

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