Does Jacinda Ardern lie?

Another captain’s call that will haunt her for all her days.

The Inquiring Mind

Famously she said:-

Yet since she and her regime have been our government we have seen relentless spin. Spin which which would say equals lies. She has spun to be kind over Mallard’s appointment, APEC, TPP for example. Her dwarves, e .g. Hipkins are arrogant liars  as well.

Yet we see no comment from the MSM. In all this the MSM are the greatest disappointment,

The TPP schemozzle is a prime example, weeks ago it was an egregious affront to NZ sovereignty, but now with the application of Ardern pixiedust it is rebadged with new lipstick as a marvellous triumph.

Media should be ashamed and the gladhanding from business is Adam suspects more from relief than any great support for the voyage of the dammed.

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